Lacuna (noun): a blank space, a missing part.

Lacuna jewels aim to be the missing piece in your look that will make you feel empowered. We are inspired by brave women, the mothers, the go-getters, the dreamers and the seekers.


Created in 2018, we are a passionate, family-run business based by the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, in Barcelona. A Mediterranean joyful spirit impregnates our way of designing and marketing our jewels. We look at the bright side of life, consciously choosing happiness and aiming at making a positive contribution to society. We love being able to create something beautiful with our own hands that’ll be treasured by our customers.

We believe fashion can and should contribute positively to society. We aim for a sustainable business that makes a positive impact on our customers, our community and the environment. We are committed to the Slow Fashion movement and to continually improving our social and environmental performance.

Our values

  • Handmade

    Lacuna is all about melding a love of style with a commitment to thoughtful consumption. We aim to create refined and meaningful pieces that make you feel good because you look great wearing them and you know they're made by happy hands.

    Our jewelry is handcrafted so there will be slight variations from piece to piece. These do not reflect product flaws, but instead make each piece unique. 

  • Slow Jewelry

    Our collections are produced in limited editions. Details are important, and we take great care in every stage of making your jewelry. From concept and design, to execution and final presentation, we're dedicated to product integrity.

  • Sustainability

    We commit to environmentally-conscious studio practices, such as choosing eco-friendly materials like cellulose acetate and minimizing packaging materials to avoid unnecessary waste of resources. Our jewelry boxes and promotional materials are made from recycled paper. We reuse plastic packing materials we received from our suppliers and try to work with a zero-waste philosophy. We encourage you to do the same and reuse our packing materials. We also keep our stock to a minimum, prioritising small batch production to minimize our impact on the environment.

  • Giving back

    In an effort to bring support to organizations close to our heart and values, Lacuna donates 10% of profits to social causes, especially those related to women’s development and empowerment.