Materials, Size & Care



The selection of materials used in our jewels shows our values and commitment to a more responsible consumption.

14/20 Gold filled

One of our basic materials is gold filled, much higher quality and harder wearing than gold plated items.  Gold filled has a much thicker layer of gold that is pressure bonded unto the piece resulting in a much more valuable piece that will not tarnish or lose its color. Most people with jewelry sensitivities can wear gold filled without worries of any allergic reaction.


16-24K Gold plated

Some of our pieces are gold plated as a way to provide a more affordable alternative to gold filled jewelry. The plating of our jewels is 1 micron and we use 16K, 18K and 24K gold. The finish of plated metals is expected to fade with use and/or over time depending on your own body chemistry, how often you wear it and your activities while wearing the jewelry. Gold plated items require a proper care and maintenance to prolong their life.


Semi-precious stones & natural materials

We are always looking for gemstones with original shapes and great colors. You can find different gemstones in our jewels. Onyx is the core of our Nux Collection while coral, pearls and shells fill our Le Grand Bleu Collection, a tribute to the treasures of Earth’s most precious resource.

Cellullose acetate

Cellulose acetate is considered a natural plastic. It is manufactured from purified natural cellulose coming from cotton linters and wood pulp. This recyclable bioplastic allows for the creation of playful colours that can imitate natural materials like horn or tortoise shell. It has many positive attributes such as its flexibility, lightness, warmth, softness to the touch and very low risk of allergies.

For more information about how acetate is made, whatch this video from one of the main producers in the industry.



Find your perfect size! Follow these infographics to find the perfect fit for you. If you have any questions, please don’t doubt to contact us.

ring sizes web.jpg

Find the equivalence

Some regions have different references for the same sizes, find the one for you:

USA 5 6 7 8 9

EUROPE 46 52 54 57 60

UK & AUSTRALIA J 1/2 L 1/2 N 1/2 P 1/2 R 1/2

JAPAN 9 11 14 16 18

CHINA 10 12 14 16 18

necklace_inches web.jpg

Find the equivalence

Some regions have different references for the same sizes, find the one for you:

USA (inches) 14 16 18 20 24 30 33

EUROPE (centimeters) 35,56 40,64 45,72 50,80 60,96 76,20 83,82



Keep your jewelry looking beautiful

  • Clean with a soft dry cloth after wear

  • Store in a box or sealed bag

Remember to remove it when

care web.jpg